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Constructions and Abstractions.
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I stumbled upon XDG while working on an issue for a CLI tool in the past. It required a background on what XDG is and it’s specification. With a little bit of “googling” I was able to find the specification but I was still a bit confused as to what the hell XDG is and was frustrated that there is no concise article for it.

Somewhere, someone had said, “If there is something that you want to read and it doesn’t exist, write it yourself.” So here goes.

What is XDG ?

Quoting from the wikipedia page, was formerly known as the…

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Jenkins has been the CI/CD tool used by most companies out there big and small. Before there was DevOps, there was Jenkins and Jenkins ushered the DevOps revolution by helping abstract and automate processes which were too cumbersome to be done manually all the time.

Administration of Jenkins has thus become a real responsibility and with the increasing infrastructure needs of individuals, managing Jenkins can become tough and at times frustrating. While we understand this, Jenkins itself has tried to keep up with the times by being extensible with a massive plugin support and increasing improvements in performance especially with…

Mostly accurate representation of what a Jenkins Pipeline looks like in everyone’s mind.
Mostly accurate representation of what a Jenkins Pipeline looks like in everyone’s mind.
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Jenkins in the past has been provided as a first class Build option alongside Dockerfile build and s2i build in Openshift. Currently, Jenkins is well integrated in the Openshift ecosystem and with the movement of everything towards Operators, it is only natural that Jenkins make the move as well.

We will go through the current Jenkins Operator specification and how you can migrate from your earlier workflow for Jenkins on Openshift to the Jenkins Operator with minimal changes to your current infrastructure.

What is the Jenkins Operator ?

The Jenkins Operator is a Kubernetes Operator which aims to carry out Day 2 operational tasks with minimal…

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